“Has she got a tail?”

C has been commuting weekly between London and New York. He works all day and then walks around Manhattan in the evenings, searching for the right neighbourhood for us to live in (for more on this, click here). Luckily Greenwich is very close to London City Airport, which flies direct to JFK.

C flew home to London City Airport this morning, we were all up and dressed and waiting by the window at 7.30am. T went berserk with excitement when the taxi pulled up, and 16 month old B toddled over pointing a podgy finger and chanting “Da, Da, Da, Da”. So lovely. And I have a present, a shiny new iPad with which to write this blog and also keep in touch with everyone once we’re gone. Brilliant. Feel like a smart, sophisticated, technologically savvy woman of the world. Wonder how long that’s going to last.
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