Skating in a winter wonderland

There’s something so iconic about ice skating in New York. It feels like you’re in a film.

Some old friends flew out from London last week, and gave us a great excuse to hit the classic tourist spots. See the Rockafeller Center Christmas tree? Tick. Admire the 5th Avenue window displays? Tick. Go ice skating in Central Park? Tick.  Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island? Tick. Go out for a bit of live music at Cafe Wha in Greenwich Village? Tick tick tick. It felt v gratifying to be the local rather than the tourist, and made me realise how much of the city I’ve explored and am now a part of.
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Exploring Ellis Island

Apologies for the unusually long silence since the last post. Realised it had got out of hand when a friend emailed to check everything was OK. No cause for alarm, folks, just the combination of a busy Thanksgiving, buying and wrapping Christmas presents, and last but not least, taking on the extra challenge of making B a quilt for Christmas. It’s coming along pretty well, actually; have been reading up on quilting blogs for all the different stages involved (sooooooo much preparation), and it’s nearly finished. When it’s done, I’ll upload some photos as have so enjoyed the project. But it has sucked up all the time usually spent on this blog….

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Schools, statues and sloshing water

Big week – both girls started settling in at school and nursery, so finally getting back into a routine.  B had no trouble at all, and T’s first settling in session was probably the most restful hour I’ve had since The Big Move. I got to sit back on (another) enormous bean bag whilst T and her new friends romped about playing with adorable wooden building blocks that looked like they were actually bits of a tree. Makes a nice change from the insidious bright plastic toys you see so much in the UK.

Over the summer, T’s new school asked all the children to make a cushion that reminded them of home, as a comforter. “T” (i.e. me and her grandmother) duly spent a good 20+ hours stitching this little beauty. Many thanks to Julia at Pickwick Papers in Greenwich for getting hold of some curtain samples with lovely drawings of London. T got to choose which to put where – a Beefeater standing guard outside Buckingham Palace, a bus heading to 10 Downing Street. She also helped to pick and dry some lavender from our garden, so it smells of home. Wonder if she’ll always associate the smell of lavender with Greenwich, now? That’d be quite nice. So the cushion is currently wedged in her little cubby hole next to her two changes of clothes, suncream and water bottle.
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