Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO – itinerary for a great day out for all generations

Walking along Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO is a great, cheap day out that pleases kids and grandparents alike, something not easily achieved!

I’ve blogged about it before, as walking across Brooklyn Bridge is invariably high on any New York guide book’s recommended to do list. It’s high and narrow enough to feel quite exciting, with fantastic 360 degree views. It is also free. Continue reading “Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO – itinerary for a great day out for all generations”

Three great carousels in New York

Carousels are endlessly popular with our two girls, it is their ultimate weekend treat. In case any of you are in a similar boat, here are three of our local favourites:

Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park
SeaGlass Carousel, Battery Park
  • SeaGlass Carousel – Battery Park, Manhattan. $5 per ride, or $45 for a pack of 10

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The Sound of Melting Snow

Swapping balaclavas for sunglasses
Swapping balaclavas for sunglasses

Literally over night, Winter has finally shoved off and given way to Spring. Continue reading “The Sound of Melting Snow”

High walks – Brooklyn Bridge and the High Line

Continuing the ‘exploring at height’ theme, we’ve recently had two brilliant family walks above street level. Brooklyn Bridge and the High Line are both great family days out, offering exercise, fresh air and world-class views – for free.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is that world-famous icon with the gorgeous stone arches and the suspension wires that often appears in footage of New York.

Several friends had recommended walking across it for the best views of Manhattan, and they weren’t wrong. There is a narrow, two lane footpath above the traffic lanes, with highly photogenic views of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and of course the bridge itself. Found the route fairly clogged with people taking photos the whole way along. Rather wished we could copy the cyclists, and blow whistles to clear the way.
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