Save Tea & Sympathy!

Tea & Sympathy under threat of closure. New York. Expat. Kids

The Times today reported that my favourite ever tea shop, Tea & Sympathy, may be forced to close. This has jolted me out of my blogging apathy for the first time in about a year.

Tea & Sympathy with my mother
Mother and daughter enjoying Tea & Sympathy

Yes, that’s right. It’s been a year. A year of thinking, ‘Oh no, yet another month without posting any new content. My SEO must be rubbish’, yet failing to write anything. Well, not today.

I was literally making myself some tea and flicking through the paper when I saw the headline, ‘New York’s Little Britain Under Siege‘, and I recognised the shop in the photo. Loyal readers may remember that this tea shop quickly became an essential survival tool for my time in NYC. I still associate it with comfort and familiarity on days when expat parenting felt a little overwhelming. I’m pretty sure it was the first place I reviewed for this blog, here. With a fish & chip shop two doors down (marvellously called A Salt and Battery) and a tea room that stocked mince pies and Hula Hoops, it’s heaven to visit.

And now, according to The Times, ‘New York’s Little Britain is under threat. [The owner]… is fighting to keep her shops alive in the face of rising rents and a demand for back taxes from a new landlord.’

If any of you are in New York right now, are feeling a little cold, a little hungry, perhaps you could pop round to Tea & Sympathy for a cup of tea and a slice of cake? You’ll find it on Greenwich Avenue between Horatio Street and Jane Street. Thanks guys.

Author: Alex

Hello. Toddling Round New York is my own little blog of our family's experience of moving young kids from London to New York... And of having a baby out here. They are my own baby steps of exploring this incredible city. I lived in five countries in four continents growing up, so you'd think I'd be good at this by now. Here you'll find stories and photographs of our adventures, the highs and the lows of expat parenthood, and some ideas I hope you'll find useful if you're in New York with young kids.

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  1. Will keep our fingers crossed for Tea & Sympathy. Much love xx

  2. Nooooo! I haven’t anything about this. I’ll try to head there this week and if not definitely next. Been meaning to write as I’m finding your baby posts super helpful! Baby number 3 arrives in June – a boy this time too!

    1. Hi Pippa, congratulations! That’s amazing news. Best of luck and enjoy a pot of tea for me at Tea & Sympathy. Alex x

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