Crawling out of procrastination slump

Defiant little girl facing up to the Bull, Broadway & Wall Street - International Women's Day 2017

Hello everyone. It’s me. Apparently it’s that time of year when I finally emerge from my Christmas cocoon and force myself to start writing again. Producing a beautifully crafted and polished piece is feeling a tad overwhelming, so I thought I’d break the ice with a brain dump of some recent highs and lows.


– Happily coinciding with International Women’s Day yesterday, T drew a marvellous picture of her and B as British Prime Ministers, complete with skirts, hats and microphones.  There’s a fab new bronze statue of a defiant little girl staring down the famous Bull on Broadway near Wall Street this month for International Women’s Day, love it

– Taking the most almighty deep breath and sending my draft children’s book manuscript off to some literary agencies. I’ve been working on it on and off (ok, mainly off) for the past two years, but finally got it to the stage where it feels ready to send out. It’s a scary step, and it’s been astonishingly hard to get the courage up to go for it. It’s so much easier to put it to the bottom of the pile of the (unspeakably boring) household tasks that you have to churn through day after day, week after week, year after year

– A mum from Singapore thinking of moving to New York contacted me through the blog with specific questions about laundry. I.e. should an apartment without its own washing machine be a deal breaker. We kept that email thread going for several days. Communal washing machines could actually be my new specialist subject

– A spate of birthdays. T has turned six, B has turned four, and J will – brace yourselves – be turning one in a few weeks. Lots of little children rushing round the apartment, we love birthday parties. I’ve been on a bit of a ‘rainbow’ theme this year, so the girls have both had multicoloured cakes. B’s had to be done three times as the ruddy cake wouldn’t come out of their bunny tins. In the end I had to just do a normal round one



– The delightful smell of defrosting dog poo on the streets, now the weather is warming up (although snow is forecast again tomorrow – such dramatic weather swings here, you really have to check the forecast each day to know which shoes and coats to leave the house in)

– Crying too hard at the Babies Heart Fund charity gala. Not an elegant, lady-like sniffle. I literally had a wet neck

So that’s it. I’ve broken the ice and started writing again. Promise the next one will be far more polished and fabulous…

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