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Torly Kid sandwich board. Hillary Clinton quote. Diversity is a strength, not a weakness.

I’ve had a couple of days to get my head around the US election results, and have been looking about me a bit more than usual to see how New York has reacted. On Friday my eye was caught by this particularly timely and inspirational sandwich board on the street, quoting Hillary Clinton: “Diversity is a strength, not a weakness. If we lift each other up, we can make each other stronger.” It was outside Torly Kid, a tiny kids’ boutique on Hudson & Duane Street in Tribeca, and I decided to pop in.

I’m so glad I did.

Torly Kid is a really good place to have discovered. It describes itself as catering for ‘Tots to Tweens’, and stocks lovely, unusual clothing, toys and kit such as cool school bags. I was struck by the community aspect to the store – there’s a monthly book club for older kids, and a seasonal candy and coat drive.

The owner, Carol Faber-Adams, was in, and we immediately chatted about her choice of sandwich board quote and the election results. I’m still struck by how readily New Yorkers will start up a conversation with strangers. It’s so unbelievably un-English, where people may actually recoil if you make eye contact, let alone smile at them. Carol told me she also runs a travel company, Torly Travels, which helps plan holiday itineraries for busy families. Good to know – the US is so overwhelmingly enormous, it can be hard to work out where to go.


Definitely worth popping in if you’re in the Tribeca area and fancy a spot of good quality shopping for your kids.

This week’s Highs & Lows:
  • Taking T to see the Tour of USA Gymnastics Champions at the  Barclay Center in Brooklyn. It was brilliant to see this year’s US Olympic gold medalists, especially as the young women are such great role models for T
  • Am amused by the decidedly potty-themed tone B’s budding literacy is taking. Check out this drawing – if you look closely, you can see she started off by carefully writing ‘Poo’, before turning it into a creature. Nice
  • Having a v lovely visit from an old London friend, out to do her part for the elections. We’ve been here over two years now, and have made some wonderful friends, but it’s still such a treat to spend a couple of days catching up with someone you’ve known for almost a decade
  • And last but not least, T has lost her v first milk tooth. It’s been a major focus for her this past week or so
  • The election results. I’m still a bit dazed, and don’t feel ready to write any more about that just yet
  • Begrudgingly deciding it’s time to ditch the maternity jeans with the fabulous elasticated waistbands that reach up to your belly button. I’ve been in those for 15 months, and it’s v disagreeable to be back to buttons, zips and unyeilding waistbands. Huh

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