Only a week left to vote! Not the US Elections, the #MNBlogAwards

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There’s a lot of talk about which way to vote at the moment. Largely, it’s about Clinton vs Trump.  However, there’s another decision to make. Will you vote for me in the Mumsnet Blogging Awards?! Here’s how.

There’s only one week left to drum up as many votes as possible for the #MNBlogAwards. Confess I might have, possibly, probably have been getting a bit gung-ho about it lately, collaring people and brightly suggesting they get their phones out and vote for me on the spot (v effective technique with busy New Yorkers, who have zero tolerance for waffle).

Voting closes on Friday 7th October.

So… what are you waiting for? Chop chop, lovelies.

Here’s how to vote for me as Best Writer, #MNBlog Awards:

Visit the Mumsnet Blogging Awards Best Writer page, and scroll down to the voting section beneath all the shortlisted blogs. Click the Toddling Round New York button, and hit Submit. And that’s it!

This week’s Highs & Lows:
  • Overhearing five year old T explaining the US elections to three year old B in their bunk beds the night of the first Presidential Debate. “I wish I was American and 18, B, as then I could vote for Hill-a-reeeee Clim-tom. Because who runs the world? Girls. Plus, we have a girl Queen and a girl Pry Minister in London too.”
  • Going out for my birthday dinner with C to The Musket Room on Elizabeth Street. Can highly recommend the ‘Short Story’ taster menu
  • B deciding to dress as a super hero for school this morning
  • Hmmm. Can’t actually think of anything right now. That’s probably a good sign

Author: Alex

Hello. Toddling Round New York is my own little blog of our family's experience of moving young kids from London to New York... And of having a baby out here. They are my own baby steps of exploring this incredible city. I lived in five countries in four continents growing up, so you'd think I'd be good at this by now. Here you'll find stories and photographs of our adventures, the highs and the lows of expat parenthood, and some ideas I hope you'll find useful if you're in New York with young kids.

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