Hurray! Shortlisted for the Mumsnet Blog Awards!

#MNBlogAwards announcement

Literally beaming with delight here, as I’ve heard I’ve reached the shortlist for Best Writer in the Mumsnet Blogging Awards #MNBlogAwards. Thank you so much to everyone who voted, I can’t tell you how great it feels.

Now, having made it this far, I would rather like to actually win. So, I’d be really grateful if you could take (another) two minutes to vote for me again.

Here’s how to vote:

Visit the Mumsnet Blogging Awards Best Writer page, and scroll down to the voting section beneath all the shortlisted blogs. Click the Toddling Round New York button, and hit Submit. And that’s it!

Voting closes on Friday 7th October.

Feeling inspired?

This has gone to my head and I’m already channelling the Oscars. I’d like to give a shout out to my wonderfully talented friend Zoe Negus who developed my blog’s website and has given so much guidance over the past two years. If anyone’s feeling inspired to start their own blog, or indeed build any kind of website, get in touch with her directly at

Shortlisted for #MNBlogAwards selfie 2
Couldn’t be more thrilled to be shortlisted for Best Writer at the #MNBlogAwards
This week’s Highs & Lows:
  • This this this! Getting shortlisted! Yay!
  • Watching B and T settling in so happily in their new classes now that school’s back
  • Buying myself some fresh tonic water and limes and hurrying home to pour myself my first celebratory G&T in literally months, only to find out that we’re out of gin. And it’s not that easy to buy spirits in America, only specific stores are allowed to stock it, it’s not like you can just nip to your nearest Offy. Humph. So I called C and said “I’m through, champagne tonight!” to which he replied, “You can have champagne when you win.”

Author: Alex

Hello. Toddling Round New York is my own little blog of our family's experience of moving young kids from London to New York... And of having a baby out here. They are my own baby steps of exploring this incredible city. I lived in five countries in four continents growing up, so you'd think I'd be good at this by now. Here you'll find stories and photographs of our adventures, the highs and the lows of expat parenthood, and some ideas I hope you'll find useful if you're in New York with young kids.

7 thoughts on “Hurray! Shortlisted for the Mumsnet Blog Awards!”

  1. Congratulations on you nomination. You deserve to win for your brilliant blog!

  2. Congratulations! Hope you win and hope we get to see you when you fly back! The champagne line made me chuckle. But it’s hard to buy gin in New York? Who knew?! We have some waiting here with your name on it 🙂

    1. Harder than in Britain, but not impossible. You just have to know where to go! My mum immediately emailed to tell me where to go on reading this!! Alex X

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