My little two year old chatterbox


2.5 year old B, the little chatterbox
B and Flower Bunny

Just a quick post this week, as there seems to be only one thing I feel like writing about – my two year old chatterbox, B.

As my regular readers will know, 2.5 year old B’s speech has taken a huge leap forward in recent weeks, and it’s such a delight to see her personality unfold now that she can properly express herself. She’s even started trying to tease us and make jokes. Every day I find myself making a note of something funny she said. Yesterday when we got off the bus, she called out “Thank you, driver!”, and then muttered under her breath, “In a while, crocodile.” The driver roared with laughter, and I had a smile on my face the rest of the way home.

She’s also started ticking me off if she thinks I haven’t said a proper hello to a friend, jabbing me with her finger and saying “Mumma! You. Broke. Her. Feelings. Say hello with your eyes.”


Thanksgiving on Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Thanksgiving on Jacksonville Beach, Florida
This week’s Highs & Lows: 
  • Thanksgiving. We took a 2 hour flight to Jacksonville, Florida to stay with some friends. It was my first experience with an internal flight, and such a treat to have a mere two hours onboard rather than the seven or eight to the UK. When we started our descent, T looked confused and said “But I didn’t notice the night!” Thanksgiving on the beach was pretty fab, and there were rocking chairs at the airport!
  • Advent. One of the really good things about Thanksgiving is it holds back Christmas madness until the very end of November. Much better than British shops’ habit of starting their Christmas playlists in October. The girls delight in spotting Christmas trees, wreaths and lights. New York is so beautiful at this time of year
  • Sunset. We had one of the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life, anywhere in the world.
  • Fall is finally over, we’ve had a week of drizzle and cold winds, and took the girls off to Century 21 to buy new winter boots. B is going through a stage of kicking off her footwear, which is disproportionately annoying. Why is losing one shoe so much more infuriating than loosing both??
    Christmas comes to the New York Stock Exchange on Broad Street and Wall
    Christmas comes to the New York Stock Exchange on Broad Street and Wall


    The most stunning sunset I've ever seen, taken from Battery Park Esplanade
    The most stunning sunset I’ve ever seen, taken from Battery Park Esplanade

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