Three great carousels in New York

Jane's Carousel tickets, DUMBO Jane's Brooklyn Bridge - New York - High Line

Carousels are endlessly popular with our two girls, it is their ultimate weekend treat. In case any of you are in a similar boat, here are three of our local favourites:

Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park - Carousels
SeaGlass Carousel, Battery Park
  • SeaGlass Carousel – Battery Park, Manhattan. $5 per ride, or $45 for a pack of 10

This has been under construction ever since we moved here, but is finally finished and open to the public. At $5 a ticket, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s still a reasonable way to entertain the family with minor exertion on your part. You have to buy tickets from a separate booth which is parked a few feet away from the main entrance queue. Kids shorter than 42 inches have to sit on an adult’s lap, (both of you needing your own ticket – it’s a money making machine). For those tall enough to ride alone, the seat belts cannot be undone without a special key, so you don’t have to worry about them wriggling off.

The design is fun – you sit inside giant fish that are mounted on smaller rotating plates, giving you a more varied ride than the typical circular design. The audio visuals are good too, with underwater sounds and music. There are also a couple of fish that follow a slightly slower, less crazy route, for those who prefer a smoother ride. One of these has been designed to accommodate wheelchairs. An enclosed structure, it is usually air conditioned, but this has been playing up a bit recently so you may emerge slightly baked…

Seaglass Carousel - Carousels
Look at B’s joy
Seaglass Carousel - Carousels
T tall enough to ride her own fish
Seaglass' ticket and souvenir booth - Carousels
SeaGlass’ ticket and souvenir booth – buy the tickets before joining the queue

Seaglass Carousel - Carousels

Interesting architecture, designed to look like a seashell

I’ve blogged about this before – it is a tourist classic and fits into a lovely family outing to DUMBO. Gorgeous wooden carved ponies circle, giving you the most amazing views of Manhattan. Walk over Brooklyn Bridge one way, and take the East River Ferry the other. Don’t forget to refuel at the nearby Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

Jane's Carousel tickets - Carousels
Two Bucks to Pony Up
Jane's Carousel - - Carousels
Jane’s Carousel
Jane's Carousel, with views over the East River - Carousels
Jane’s Carousel, with views over the East River
  • Pier 62 – Hudson River, Manhattan. Cross at West 22nd Street. $3 per ride, or $25 for a pack of 10
Pier 62 Carousel - unicorn - Carousels
Pier 62 Carousel

The Hudson River Park is one of our favourite weekend destinations, as it is so green, clean and open and there’s always plenty to do with young children (including the fabulous playground on Pier 25). Pier 62 has a lovely traditional wooden carousel tucked away behind winding paths through well established trees and greenery. Many of the animals can be found in the local area, as well as the classic ponies and unicorns. They also have the 42 inch rule, although unlike SeaGlass, they do not charge adults for tickets if they are accompanying shorter children.

Try to time your visit with the free clown/magic show put on by the carousel every Sunday at 2pm and 4pm. The kids adored it, while the adults cooled down in the shade with frozen yogurts from the nearby stall.

I’ve also heard good things about Le Carrousel at Bryant Park, so will be trying that out shortly.

This week’s Highs & Lows:


  • Getting the girls back into a routine after the 12 week summer break. T’s classroom phase in finally ended yesterday, giving her the first full school day since mid-June
  • The weather. The humidity is starting to calm down, but it’s still hot and sunny. The trees seem to think that summer is over, as the leaves have already begun to fall, but you wouldn’t know it otherwise. Really nice to be out and about at the moment


  • Trying to get myself back into a routine! This blog took a long rest over the summer, but now I have to knuckle down and get back on the case. I also must, must, must set aside more time to have another crack at the children’s book I’m drafting… No. More. Excuses.

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