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Mysterious Bookshop - New York

Have found such a beautiful bookshop in Tribeca, it warrants a blog post all to itself. Called The Mysterious Bookshop, it only stocks crime, mysteries and thrillers. Floor to ceiling shelves, with those tempting old school wooden ladders on rails so you can reach the very top. There’s a huge section devoted to Sherlockiana (that’s Sherlock Holmes to you and me), and much of the stock is signed by the author.

There’s even a children’s corner with illustrated whodunits.


Definitely worth a visit if you’re a book lover and in the area – it’s at 58 Warren Street, near the corner of West Broadway.


I absolutely adore it, and it’s conveniently right next to the girls’ doctor, Tribeca Pediatrics, so I have plenty of chances to nip in when we’re getting all their vaccinations done. Oh yes, that’s right. We did have to get all sorts of extra jabs done for their schools after all; namely Chicken Pox, Hepatitis B and the flu. Have had lots of conversations with T about why an injection is better than an illness, but in truth I think the biggest trauma for her seems to be taking the plaster off afterwards.

While I’m on the subject, it’s a whole new world going to a specialist children’s doctor here. Our old GP in London was always just a little a bit grotty, with grimy chairs and unappetizing posters everywhere. Tribeca Pediatrics’ reception room has a play corner complete with books and a fully equipped wooden kitchen. The staff all wear normal clothes, and the rooms are brightly coloured and well designed. The girls actually enjoyed their obligatory ‘wellness checks’, and B was weighed on a giant circular scale upholstered in – wait for it – spotless white leather. Very New York, darlings.

This week’s Highs and Lows:


Being invited into someone’s home for a spontaneous playdate after school today, together with four or five other classmates and their mothers. Am so touched by how welcoming the other school moms have been, it’s made a big difference to these early months here.


Am sitting here racking my brains for a low, and honestly can’t come up with one. It’s been a great week.





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