Winter is coming

Neutrino snow boots -New York winter

“Winter is coming”, say the Starks. Actually, it’s the school moms who have been warning me that winter will come “super-fast and super-cold”, so I’ve been stocking up on kit.

One pair waterproof snow boots each? Tick. Umpteen sets of thermals each? Tick. Balaclavas for the wind? Tick. One pair snow-proof mittens each? Tick. Two pairs woollen tights each? Tick. Phenomenally warm second hand pram blankets from 7am Enfant? Tick.  Fancy 7am Enfant fixed stroller gloves for me? Tick (yessssss).

For anyone else facing their first New York winter, here are the main brands other mothers have recommended to me:

Finally decided our light, little Tippitoes travel pram simply doesn’t cut it here. We left our proper double buggy back in England thinking we wouldn’t have room for it and T could just walk. But the distances are pretty deceptive, and the pavements – sorry, sidewalks – are oddly hard on the feet. So after four consecutive weekends of having to turf B out into the sling so T can ride in the pram, we decided to buy a double buggy.

Managed to get a glorious bargain on the HRP Mamas classified pages this weekend. This appears to be the biggest and most established parenting network for Lower Manhattan – you have to be referred by another member and approved by the board before you are allowed to join! So New York. The registration is $55 for the year, but I’ve already made that back with the second hand kit I’ve been hoovering up. Or so I tell C…

Had hilarious time today pushing the ‘new’ double buggy through FiDi (that’s the Financial District to you and me), not unlike driving a bus. Pretended to be in a film, calling out “Watch it, coming through, exCUSE me” with relish. It was great. Maybe this is what it feels like to drive a 4×4.

The wind here is quite something. We hit a wind tunnel and got turned round (luckily in an open area, not on scary road). A tourist tried to help steer me back in the right direction until his sunglasses got blown clear off his face.

This week’s highs and lows:

High: Feeling ready for our first New York winter. Bring it on.

Low: Haven’t been able to skype my parents for almost six weeks now until they get broadband set up in their own new place.

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