Spotted – dainty red shoes for the dog

Dog shoes - New York dogs

It’s been a week for spotting strange sights. Yesterday both girls went potty over a little fluffy dog, Bella, who was twinkling along in – wait for it – red rubber shoes. 

Have been teaching the girls to first ask the walkers, “Is this dog friendly?” before swooping in for strokes and pats. We couldn’t resist making a fuss over Bella, who enjoyed the attention and even rolled over to wave her little red shoes in the air. All most extraordinary. Her dog walker explained that the three large black “English Labs” with Bella were all part of the same household, but that only Bella needed the shoes. Apparently her paws “act like swiffers“, and bring all the New York street muck into the house.

I’m still snorting.

Other strange spots recently include:
  • a middle aged lady taking the Connection bus with her red and grey parrot perched on her shoulder (where else?), with a v fetching red patent leather leash
  • a v smartly dressed couple taking their white parrot out for an evening stroll, also perched on the shoulder
  • large group of postal workers marching down a pavement with their wheeled panniers full of letters – B was absolutely riveted
  • six little kids being taken out for some fresh air in a single, giant stroller

In other news, 19mo B’s speech has been coming on leaps and bounds, and is now stringing two words together. However, her favourite toys, three bunnies, unfortunately sound like ‘money’. This has lead to several embarrassing moments in public when she’s started screeching “Where money? Want money!” Flapped about, over-compensating, saying “Here’s your bunny, here’s bunny”, and catching as many eyes as possible to make sure onlookers realised my toddler was after a toy, not cash.

B's favourite Bunnies sound like Money - New York Dogs
Show me the money
This week’s highs and lows:

High: Feeling like a local when a tourist stopped me for directions… and I actually knew the answer

Low: Finally having to get the mop out and clean the apartment properly. It’s been 7 weeks now, figured it was due a good scrub when had started wearing flip flops inside to avoid the crunching under foot. Nice.

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