Found a good baby kit shop

Buy Buy Baby - New York

Good news – have  found a seriously good baby kit shop, called ‘Buy Buy Baby’.

Recommended by a friend of B’s godparents, it seems like a bigger, better Mothercare or Kiddicare, with loads of stock. The store has ramps where needed, plenty of open cashier desks, and lots of tempting presents for young relations back home. You can also bulk buy diapers (that’s nappies to you and me) at what I think is probably a pretty good price, but confess am still getting my eye in to New York prices. Importantly for expats fresh to America, you can try out car seats that will meet US regulations (your old British ones probably won’t be allowed).

There’s only one on Manhattan, on 270 Seventh Avenue and the corner of West 25th Street (nearest subway is 23rd Street station). Worth a visit if you have the time or are in the area.

It’s a couple of blocks from Union Square, which has a fantastic farmers’ market on weekends. Had a great time wandering round, particularly the pressed apple juice stall which was just perfect in the heat. It was a little crowded, but the girls loved looking at the heaps of multicoloured carrots and other produce. Had lunch at a really nice cafe right in the centre of Union Square, The Pavillion, which had high chairs and a bathroom window sill deep enough to change a nappy on. Liked it so much, we went back the next day with friends.

This week’s highs and lows:

High: Sea freight arriving! Thrilled to unpack our stuff after six weeks, especially (you won’t be surprised by now) my favourite teapot and mugs. T v pleased to have her own bed back again. B seems to be enjoying a full size cot after so long in her Mamas & Papas travel cot.

Low: Honestly, nothing to report. It’s been a great week.

Author: Alex

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