Found a good baby kit shop

Good news – have  found a seriously good baby kit shop, called ‘Buy Buy Baby’.

Recommended by a friend of B’s godparents, it seems like a bigger, better Mothercare or Kiddicare, with loads of stock. The store has ramps where needed, plenty of open cashier desks, and lots of tempting presents for young relations back home. You can also bulk buy diapers (that’s nappies to you and me) at what I think is probably a pretty good price, but confess am still getting my eye in to New York prices. Importantly for expats fresh to America, you can try out car seats that will meet US regulations (your old British ones probably won’t be allowed).

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Learning the modes of transport

Been here nearly four weeks now, and have been trying out the different modes of transport. New York public transport is NOT easy with young kids. Here’s the low down.  Continue reading “Learning the modes of transport”

Calling all New York novels

Have been asking friends, teachers and other moms (see, am getting the lingo) for their favourite books about New York. Here are a few:

‘New York’, by Edward Rutherford

The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tart

Just Kids’ by Patti Smith

Netherland’ by Joseph O’Neill

New York Trilogy’ by Paul Auster

Let the Great World Spin’ by Colum McCann
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Schools and statues – two weeks into the move

Big week – both girls started settling in at school and nursery, so finally getting back into a routine.  B had no trouble at all, and T’s first settling in session was probably the most restful hour I’ve had since The Big Move. Continue reading “Schools and statues – two weeks into the move”