Failing my Moving To New York To Do List

Moving To New York To Do List

Struggling to keep to my official ‘Moving To New York To Do List’ at the moment, which includes all sorts of tedious-yet-vital things. Check the airline’s baggage allowance, get the kids’ passport photos for visas, sort out International Driving Licences, call the house insurers, yaddah yaddah yaddah. There’s just so much to think about when moving countries (click here for my tips on what to bother shipping out).

Instead, I am happily ordering yet more classic British children’s books online. Alfie’s Christmas, Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt… pretty much anything involving Julia Donaldson, Helen Oxenbury or Shirley Hughes.

Which is quite lame, actually, by the very fact I can get them online and therefore from America. Not to mention this directly contravenes all principles of The Big Purge.

Need to focus.

But I’ll just quickly check if anyone’s selling a nice old copy of Little Grey Rabbit or Brambly Hedge on eBay first.

“How goes the work?” called the farmer.
“Quack”, said the duck.

Update: Click here to see my list of our favourite New York books for adults and kids.

If you’re considering a move between New York and the UK, check out this removals company.


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