The Big Toy Purge

Toy Purge

With the NY move looming, we’ve begun The Big Purge. Challenged the girls to choose their favourite toys that would fit inside their toy hampers. Anything that wouldn’t fit, goes to charity.

Braced for tears and pleading, it was actually fairly painless. We’ve kept all the baby dolls, wooden toys, and anything – naturally- involving a princess. It was actually C and I who found it the hardest to let go of some of those toys. The book that T first smiled at. The bunny rattle that B enjoyed waving on the nappy changing table. C even argued to keep a few favourites back.

A boot full of much loved toys have been duly dropped off at a brilliant local charity, Portage, which visits very young disabled children at home until they start nursery or school. Comforting to know they are going to such a great home.

Excellent. Now for the cupboard under the kitchen stairs.

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Author: Alex

Hello. Toddling Round New York is my own little blog of our family's experience of moving young kids from London to New York... And of having a baby out here. They are my own baby steps of exploring this incredible city. I lived in five countries in four continents growing up, so you'd think I'd be good at this by now. Here you'll find stories and photographs of our adventures, the highs and the lows of expat parenthood, and some ideas I hope you'll find useful if you're in New York with young kids.

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