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Moving to New York

So. We are moving to New York. C’s boss is heading over and wants him to come too, so all four of us are heading over for the next few years. It’s the perfect time, really, since our two girls haven’t started school yet, so we won’t be disrupting them too much. The eldest one, three year old T, currently has a touch of an East London accent and refuses to believe that “somefink” should actually be pronounced “something”. Heaven knows how she’ll sound in a few years. The littlest one, B, is only a year old so I suppose an American accent is inevitable for her. For both of them, probably. Strange to think our children won’t sound like us.

Obviously lots to do now – where should we live? We need to find the right area where we get the whole ‘New York experience’, with an easy commute for C, and family friendly community. Not sure how feasible it would be to find somewhere with trees, playgrounds and a market in Manhattan! Does anyone know? If we end up in Greenwich Village, not sure how popular it would be with the new neighbours to explain that we’re from the original Greenwich, the point from which all distances are measured, the centre of world time, no less… Probably best not.

Took the girls up to the Observatory in Greenwich Park to teach them about time zones. T brought her inflatable globe which has the time zones marked – it was fun to show her the actual real line under her feet that passed through London on the globe. Wonder how much of London she’ll remembers once we move to New York?

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T astride the Prime Meridian Line, Greenwich - Moving to New York
T astride the Prime Meridian Line, Greenwich

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